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Indenture and Orphan Homes: “Rescuing” Indigent Children

I recently posted, on my Mennonite heritage website, an essay about a great-great-aunt, Mary Cress. Mary’s mother died a few weeks after her birth in 1876. Two years later, her father indentured her to a Mennonite family, who agreed to … Continue reading

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Is Classism the New Racism?

In the last few weeks, I have been reading and thinking a lot about the political crisis in America, working class culture, the effects of rapist capitalism, and so on. I am formulating the notion that the great, ongoing social injustice … Continue reading

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Disciplining the Green Energy Discourse

Last week, on Earth Day, Michael Moore released a new documentary film called Planet of the Humans. Almost immediately, there was a furor from environmentalists and green energy proponents denouncing the film as false, misleading, based on bad science or … Continue reading

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Visions of Johanna

“and the visions of Johanna are now all that remains.” Bob Dylan Today I am 65 years old. I know, it’s a completely arbitrary day fixed by government decree as the age of retirement for social regulation purposes. Next month … Continue reading

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Bicycle Therapy

I finally quit working about a year ago, something that was probably long overdue. All I got from my job was the money (which, I realize, is not nothing, but was not something that kept me going). Last summer, I … Continue reading

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Educating Rickie

I am just short of 64 years old, sitting in the third-floor living room of a maison de ville in Argeliers, a village in the south of France north of Narbonne, between Carcassonne and Beziers. This is the heart of … Continue reading

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My Life in Cars

For something to do, I decided to find images of the 20 cars I have owned over the last 45 or so years. (Most of these come from the internet and a number are not the same colour or exactly … Continue reading

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The Mess of Sex

Sex is messy. On the most basic level, I’m talking about the sweat, the smells, the exchange of bodily fluids. The clashing of teeth, the writhing and positioning of inconvenient limbs, the penetration of tongues, fingers, penises, breasts, and (perhaps) other … Continue reading

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Crazy about words

Language is a funny—if not crazy—thing. It shapes and reflects our notions of reality, which are themselves shaped by and reflect social relations—political and economic power relations—at specific shifting points in history. I’ve been thinking about words associated loosely with … Continue reading

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Keels, Dying

– writing is the next-to-last resort of one who cannot cope with existence One of my friends here in Keels is one of the last mothers in the community with children still at home. Her eldest son graduated from high school … Continue reading

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